My Background

The ROI of Creativity

Hey, I'm Nick...a tattooed-hippie-rebel grounded in marketing analytics and a human-centered approach to solutions at the intersection of design and business. After attending classes for graphic design related courses and starting my own consulting company I then went on to graduate with a degree in Marketing in an effort to balance out my graphic design skills with business related experience.

Over the past several years I've been able to create designs, marketing materials, and product for a slew of world-wide companies. However, I realized that I wasn’t truly happy unless I could continue helping others to find their true passions just as I found mine.

Drawing from these experiences within design, marketing, sales, and business, I continue to push my boundaries by exploring both new environments, relationships, as well as methods of creating.

From Concept to Creation

Having taken deep-dives into branded campaign strategies spanning email marketing, automation flows, video content, social media, business development, and everything in between my skillset functions as a "turn-key" piece of your current structure in order to hit the ground running and exceed related marketing goals.

A great creative needs to be able to not only produce work that's accessible but be able to take an established base and propel it too new heights. Whether you’re a business in need of a creative, or a creative in need of a business, I want to help you create better work for more money.

As a Sales Manager, I constantly needed branded literature, sell sheets and sales decks. Nick was always my go to, as I knew he could quickly create what I needed, while not substituting quality. Understood new trends, but always came with something unique. I 100% recommend Nick moving forward.

Brent MeyersTervis - Director of Sales

You might be used to having to choose between creative and analytical skill sets when partnering with a designer, but I found Nick to be a great combination of both and that's why he was an awesome counterpart for digital advertising specifically. I would recommend him to any data driven team and happily work with him again.

Andrew GrossmanFacebook - Performance Marketing Manager

Nick is a stellar designer and creative mind with a solid understanding of the entire marketing and brand ecosystem. He is an even better human and person to be around and has the ability to adapt quickly and inspire those around him to make a difference in everything they do.

Jason KimballBGZ Brands - Head of Brand & Creative

Nick is a creative thinker and talented designer who can easily flow between brand development, design, marketing production and marketing analytics. It can be difficult to find someone so multifaceted, and he's willing to take on any new projects that come his way.

Meg KellerBackcountry - Director of Ecommerce

Nick is not only a talented designer, but is also adaptable, open to feedback and able to work effectively with cross-functional teams. He always remains positive, is committed to finding solutions when issues may arise, and has a strong, informed opinion to contribute to projects.

Alison Ryu_able - Managing Director

Calm and cool, Nick is that creative guy who is tough to ruffle and delivers with poise. Nick's affinity toward band graphic/ID brought a nice edge to his work with out the rockstar attitude.

Laurette PerlewitzHoffman York - VP Creative Director
Past Experience

Companies I’ve Had the Pleasure

of Working Alongside

Creative Consultant
The Conscious Bum
Aug 2019 - Present
Senior Apparel Graphic Designer
Oct 2018 - Nov 2019
Senior Designer
Apr 2018 - Oct 2018
Global Digital Designer
Jan 2017 - Apr 2018
Apparel & Experience Designer
May 2016 - Jan 2017
Designer & Minority Owner
Findlay Hats
Aug 2014 - May 2016
Remote Apparel & Graphic Designer
PBRack Clothing
May 2008 - Oct 2013