Drawing from the past

to ride into the future

Facing increasing supply chain difficulties, and dwindling sales numbers, Harley-Davidson needed to retool it’s product market fit in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. Amidst these difficulties, however, is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Via the overarching strategy “All Roads Lead to Harley” we worked to create a strong connection to the brand’s extensive history while updating and extending it’s merchandise to a more youthful leaning visual aesthetic.

Apparel Design

Cut & Sew

What I Delivered

Working as a bridge between merch, product, and sales teams I designed apparel programs across several quarterly collections spanning multiple years, styles, and applications. The result was a more cohesive, on-trend, and up-to-date look that paid homage to the past while looking into the future.

A long ride isn’t without it’s burnouts and breakdowns

Designing is only one aspect of the apparel business, and usually just the tip of the iceberg. Working between several internal, and external partners, I followed the process from implementation to execution to ensure vibrant colors, spot-on grading and sizing, and e-comm storytelling.

Starting via state of the art DTG and screen print production techniques we worked through handfuls of sample rounds both internally, and overseas, to get a finished product that meets only the strictest of Harley-Davidson standards.


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